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Advosoft Software

Advosoft Software

Advosoft is very useful for managing the daily cases diary for Lawyers/Advocates. This Software is very simple and easy to use. It stores information about an advocate’s clients, opponents, cases no., Previous Date, Current Date, Next Date, court name. Case hearing dates & stages are easy to manage. By this software user can easily get the today’s cases, it helps as a reminder. It generates many types of report so user can get information easily and quickly. It manages client’s account also in financial terms. It is user friendly software, all the shortcuts are displayed on home screen so user can easily navigate to software without using mouse.

The Case information, its stage and previous improvements in the case is the crucial part for all advocates to prepare for any hearing. To ensure a strong control on the case, you need a reliable and viable system. That ‘s what Advosoft is all about. Advosoft is the legal cases data management software that maintains all the details of cases and also manages its previous data history. It manages all the cases and provides various reports that will assist you.

advosoft Software at Versatile

Benefits of using Advosoft

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  • Almost all acts, case types, courts and position/stage is already saved in this software. So you just have to use it, no need to save entry for that.
  • Software takes client information also. So that if you require to contact the client, you can get the detail through software.
  • You can get quick detail of cases for which hearing date is today.
  • You can easily change the next hearing date & case’s stage.
  • You can get complete history of a particular case.
  • You can easily get the detail for decided cases.
  • You can manage the client’s account also in financial terms.
  • Software provides searching feature in each form to filter out data.
  • You can get the quick summary also by MIS, about no. of clients.
  • Software can run without internet connectivity.
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