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Library Management Software

Library Management

Make your library management convenient for you & the students with the help of our Library Management Software. Our software allows you to store the student information, so you have concrete details of the student’s educational details and background. You can store the courses and the subjects. You can even document the details of the publishers & the author, so in case the book is lost, you can reorder those with the relevant information.

You can manage the book purchase details so you have the list of vendors you purchased the book from. You can maintain & check the availability of the stock regularly. You can keep a track record of the book issued with all aspect of details (to which student the book has been issued? Date? Time? Date of Return? ,etc.).

It helps you effectively manage your library operations & keeps a track record of all the books so you know when to have a return or whom to connect if the book is lost or unreturned. Contact us for a demo to know the complete features of the software.

Library Management at Versatile
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