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Ingredient Management System

Ingredient Management System

IMS, our ingredient management system is specifically designed for Halwai (Food Making Contractor). They can efficiently manage the parties & their orders via our software. The software allows you to store parties and their menu requirement in terms of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Contactor of the food making will be able to feed in the ingredients required for the preparation of the menu on the requested date in the system. And the system will pull those into PDF so the party can purchase the required grocery and other items as per the number of members to be supplied to the Halwai before or on the event day

Our software removes all the communication barriers generally happens in oral communication which sometimes cause mismanagement in the event. Our software manages the complete lifecycle of the event with respective owners along with their action items. So, there is no scope of missing any piece & the function can happen smoothly without causing last minute hurdles.

Ingredient Management at Versatile
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