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RDMS (Matra Bhumi- FD/RD)

RDMS (Matra Bhumi- FD/RD)

Recurring deposit or fixed deposit are some of the extraordinary kind of term deposits services provided by banks or private societies in India. Managing this operation functionally can be hectic if done manually. Especially when you have lot of data.

You have to manage the operations at customer level, map the customers for respective product & plan. Their registration and terms and conditions they abide by. If the bank or the society is operating from multiple operations, all of these operations need to be taken care at branch level. Accurate calculation of interest rates & tax calculations. But when you have software to do all this, you can better organize your functions efficiently.

The system will do all the work & you can simply generate the reports & receipts of the data you are looking for? You can generate reports of total deposits by customers or by interest or at branch level. All can be done at ease. So stay relaxed & buy our RDMS (Matra Bhumi – FD/RD) software.

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