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Bricks Management Software

Bricks Management Software

Construction, small or big, everyone needs bricks for construction purposes. What lacks behind is the management process to make it smooth. The contractors, the labours and the production process, everything runs manually which causes a lot of hiccup in the data and services. And it sometimes cost you lose a customer

BMS, our bricks management software is there to bridge the gap. It manages complete process and automates the process right from the beginning. It allows you to document all the details from manufacturing to supply. It helps you manage the raw materials, how many bricks have been produced & how many are there in the stock? If you operate from multiple locations, you can even manage the availability of the stock in multiple production units.

It helps you check the stock & fulfil the order from nearby production unit. It also allows you to maintain labour registrations so you can check the productivity and accordingly manage & optimize to improve the process of production.

Bricks Management Software at Versatile
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