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Textile FabPro Agency Software

Textile FabPro (Agency Software)

If you are associated with a textile industry & you deals with vendors & parties for ordering & delivering goods, you must require Textile FabPro, our agency software to smoothly run your operations. The software is specifically designed for intermediate textile industries (commission agents) so that they can efficiently manage their sale & purchase orders. Send GST Compliance invoices, add cover note and accurately calculate their commission to claim.

The software allows you to store the parties you frequently get orders from. You can also list vendors you leverage to fulfil the orders. The software smoothly manages your process so you know when to deliver the order and collect the payment.

The software is user friendly & easy to use. Designed to work in all PCs. Please call us for a demonstration & access all the features of the software. Buy and take your business to new heights by removing the manual workload & turning that into automation.

Textile FabPro at Versatile
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