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Hotel Management Software
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Hotel Management

Hotel Management software helps you maintain the hospitality and customer relationships by a hotel efficiently. Our hotel management software keeps a track of all the records. It maintains a detailed info on the Customer Check-Ins & Check-Outs. You can create multiple reports & export them as PDF

These reports can be printed for documentation and records. Automating the process reduces the work load & helps you manage the staff & customers efficiently. It increases productivity & helps you gain good customer feedback. Our software also supports KOT Billing.

What is KOT?

Kot stands for Kitchen Order Ticket/Token. This is an integral functionality of any hospitality firm. It involves transferring the order from guest to kitchen. It manages the food remarks for the chef & also helps in various other operations.

KOTs for one order

  • KOT sent to kitchen
  • Quality check by the waiter
  • KOT sent for billing

So you can imagine that one KOT order involves multiple steps & for multiple orders, managing the KOT billing is cumbersome. And in case you are already facing challenges in KOT billing, you must try our software. Contact us for more details.

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